Nuclear War 


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We’re hoping it could get much bigger. It’s open at depth as well. There is also reasonable chance this could become a large uranium district. They’ve found out there were a lot of other targets in the area, in the past. They are going to try to work these targets as well. Slovakia is a major past producing country. A lot of its power currently comes from nuclear. They have two other properties in Slovakia with resources. They’re going to drill and are hopefully going to show better grades and larger resources, with time. Of course, you’re always hopeful, no guarantees, but our experience is that in the uranium business: As you go and drill old properties, redo old drill holes with larger cores, you get better recoveries and can show higher grades. That seems to have been the case for both Tournigan and Western Prospector (TSX: WNP). I should also mention that on the Jahodna property, it’s interesting that, not only did the uranium grade jump but also the molybdenum grade jumped up substantially to where this is now some very valuable rock.

StockInterview: Any final recommendations?

Kevin Bambrough: SXR Uranium One (TSX: SXR), I think it’s a great story. There’s no doubt that the uranium is there, but some people debate about how difficult the mining is going to be and what the cost will ultimately be. But they’ve got a good gold credit in there to help bring down the overall cost. Again, we believe the uranium price is going to be much higher than most people believe for a lot longer. We love investing in companies with huge resources and plenty of leverage to both uranium and gold.

StockInterview: Do you still see some of your uranium holdings, certain ones as cheap, still in play, and to be looked at?

Kevin Bambrough: Most definitely, and we’ll be helping to finance some all the way to production.

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