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Cell Phone Radiation and Brain Cancer

Cell Phone Radiation, Senility and Brain Cancer
By Bob Shobi

An entire generation of teenagers may become senile or have brain cancer at the peak of their lives due to cellular phone usage and other wireless technologies.

These are the findings of the study published in Environmental Health Perspectives.
The study, based on intensive use of cellular phones, may cause apprehension in Western countries because it reveals new ways in which microwaves can affect our health.

Leif Salford, the researcher who led the study that was conducted at Lund University in Sweden, claims that the fact that we voluntarily expose our brain to cell phone radiation is ?the largest biological experiment in the history of the world.? Professor Salford fears that as the wireless technology becomes more popular people will "drown in a sea of microwaves.?

The study tested the leakage of albumin in the circulation of blood in the brain. Prior studies of the subject have focused on the possibility that cell phones heat brain tissue thereby causing cancer. But the many studies trying to determine whether cell phones cause cancer have not been conclusive.

Thus, the cell phone industry in the US has managed to minimize findings regarding cellular radiation effects, but now the World Health Organization has taken over the research.

Exposure to cellular radiation affects the cells

"This study proves again that interference with cell activity of the body does not necessarily occur with high exposure to radiation that leads to heating of the area of exposure but can also occur with low exposure" says Professor Rafi Korenstein, a scientist from the University of Tel-Aviv.

In a study published by Professor Korenstein with a number of other scientists six months ago (Bioelectromagnetics, 2003), it was proven that long-term exposure to cell phone radiation can affect the duplication of hereditary substance creating during the cell-division process, thereby increasing the risk for cancer.

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