Nuclear War 


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Global Thermal Nuclear War

Stopping a Nuclear War
By Anthony Crisalli

War can be stopped, even a nuclear war. While there are a number of different factors that fuel wars, it is commonly known that religion is one of the single biggest contributors. The world is rapidly approaching a crucial phase of instability and the likelihood of nuclear war has been growing greater with each passing day.

This article, which is being freely distributed over the internet, is designed specifically to awaken over a billion Christians and another billion Muslims, plus non-religious people from all over the world to the fact that neither of these religions advocate that a physical Armageddon is coming. Nor does either of these religions state that the end times are coming or that they are a necessary ingredient in order to bring about a return of their Master or the establishment of the inner Kingdom of God on earth. Both the Master, and the Kingdom, are already present and awaiting a global awakening of all peoples of the human race.

Currently, billions of people are all holding the thought that both the Muslim scripture, and the Bible, have teachings stating that an outer world-wide destructive event must occur before their scriptures will be fulfilled. However, such interpretations do not reflect what is written in the scriptures. These destructive prophetic expectations almost accelerate people’s contribution and participation in using violence to accomplish religious ends.

If billions of people are focusing their concentrated thought upon one fixed idea that a world-wide conflagration is almost a necessity before scripture can be fulfilled it is obvious that nuclear War becomes far more likely to happen. At the very least, this attitude tacitly condones the large-scale use of weapons of mass destruction which will help facilitate the arrival of heaven on earth.

This article is not meant to be an in-depth presentation. It merely offers to correct a few of the mistaken religious ideas that are helping to fuel an outbreak of global nuclear war on this planet.

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Nuclear Energy