Nuclear War 


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What are the religious beliefs that are fueling a nuclear war right now?

• That the end times and Armageddon have not yet occurred.

• That when the kingdom of God comes it will exist physically on earth AND it will not be a kingdom within as is stated in the scripture. Instead the belief is that it will be a literal outward kingdom which people who dwell in physical bodies will easily experience in a completely natural physical literal way. The belief that Jesus has not already returned physically. Therefore, his physical literal return is still expected by the great majority of Christians world-wide.

• That the Islamic Master trapped in the well cannot be freed until a world-wide catastrophe is started.

• That the battle against evil is a battle against other humans rather than an inner battle. Therefore physical killing can be a service for God. That killing others who seem to be evil and sacrificing your life in outer battle will bring you into good standing with God.

• That God created chosen religions and chosen people these special religions believe that they have little evil within them. However, Satan is believed to be in the other religions, and therefore destroying them is a great service for God.

• This world-wide catastrophe is believed by many Christians and some Muslims to be a literal outer necessary event (versus a complete destruction of all the old evil parts that are within each person and the race at large).

• That Jihad should only be defined as an outer battle against people who are perceived by you to be evil and deserving of the judgment of death. However, evil and Satan are within yourself, therefore what is required by scripture is an Inner Jihad.

• That the Muslim or Christian religion will prosper world-wide after the great world-wide destruction occurs. The Muslim heaven is set up by their returning Master who is freed from the well and Jesus sets up a kingdom after breathing on two great warring armies that are engaged at the time in the great battle called Armageddon.

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Nuclear Energy