Nuclear War 


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• That the rapture is going to occur before, during, or even after the end times.

• Some believe that the rapture is a meeting with the returned physical Jesus and he will take people away from the earth to meet in the air, and supposedly their physical bodies will disappear. Then the physical Jesus will come down to earth and the raptured people will come back down to earth with him. Then Jesus will setup a literal physical outer kingdom of heaven on earth.


The philosophical and religious debates surrounding the origin and nature of Satan have been around for thousands of years. Regardless of your personal beliefs on this subject at least you might acknowledge that evil is also something that can exist within people rather than be only some external destructive force that comes upon you. If evil is only external and you are free of it inwardly then you are the savior of the world. But if you have any flaws in you thinking, your character, your mind, your body, your habits, your behaviors or even your beliefs then perhaps you too carry some evil around with you. The evil within is the same as Satan within Everyone has some evil within them. That is why they are here on this school of learning called Earth.

Your neighbor has some evil in them. Perhaps they can’t see it but you might. And maybe it is harder for you to notice the evil within yourself than it is to notice it in your neighbor. Remember though, your neighbor also has goodness within them. No doubt it is true that some people contain more evil than others. Keep in mind though that there is a Spark of Light that God has placed in everybody. If God is everywhere then that spark has to be in the worst person on the planet. Therefore, it is impossible to totally destroy evil by killing people. If you do then you have killed some good as well. This kind of physical killing will produce a scar upon your soul. It violates ethics, morality and it violates your scriptures as well.


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Nuclear Energy