Nuclear War 


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This is possible. In Hinduism Shiva is called the Great Destroyer. But such destruction makes use of the positive destructive principle. It is the removal of sin and illusion! Correction of this mistaken and reframing it to mean an Inner Jihad against the evil within, would radically change the current misguided world-wide motivation, (Which desires to literally create an Armageddon nuclear war in order to the Islamic master from the well that he entered hundreds of years ago). This literal idea is a deviation from the inner original intended symbolical meaning of freeing the master within from the mistaken identification with evil, (the Well and an Inner Prison are synonymous concepts).

Creating an outer Apocalypse as the means to bring heaven to earth is a mistaken literalizing of a spiritual truth. This inner Islamic master, (synonymous with Christ within trapped within our own inner evil), can be freed from the evil within. The Islamic Kingdom of God on earth can be reestablished in a spiritual way that awakens, the inner Islamic Master, without an outward Jihad. This is the true liberation of the Master Within. Nuclear war can be averted if a new understanding of this principle awakens outer warriors that the REAL war is within.

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Anthony Crisalli

Anthony Crisalli has an A.A.S. degree in Medical Laboratory Technology from Brookdale Communiity College, in Shrewsberry New Jersey. His credentials include a Doctor Of Chiropractic degree. He graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California in 1981. His practice was located in San Jose, California. He is also a trained instructor in Couple Communications. In addition, he is a Registered Counselor in the State of Washington. His main area of study has been relationship dynamics and skills development.

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